Who We Are & What We Do @ AULIE

In 2017, we started ‘Aulie’ with a vision to capture moments from every baby’s first year, for life!

It all started when our beautiful daughter came into our lives and we soon realized that time flies.

Becoming a parent is a wonderful time in your life. However, as parents, we often forget to actually savor the moment and take it all in. Instead, we worry about the next feed, nap time, chores, work and everything in between. At first, it seems like time stands still. Looking back, however, it goes by in a flash.

Before you know it, your baby is hitting a milestone after milestone and all of a sudden it’s his/her first birthday!

Because we understand that babies grow rapidly and nothing stays the same for more than a few weeks, which means there’s no other time you can watch your adorable baby ‘develop and grow’ in such a short period of time. So, at Aulie, we emphasize on capturing and treasuring each and every milestone of your precious baby, before they grow.

Different parents have different ways of cherishing this journey but everyone has one thing in common – happiness and joy! People are lot happier ‘creating’ things than they are ‘buying’ things and we soon realized this fact after becoming a parent.

Our daughter became the inspiration behind framing this creativity into a platform which serves other parents to capture every miracle of their babies and create a journal of these special days which will be treasured in the family for a lifetime.

Remember, today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories. At Aulie, we can help keep them forever. 

Happy Shopping!

What Makes Us UNIQUE - We won't let you forget their littleness

Our inspiration

Our Inspiration is - our great love for babies! Every baby is beautiful indeed; the idea of capturing their beauty and innocence in every possible way is pure bliss. We are extremely passionate about one simple thing – to capture and create memories for your little one.

Designed with Baby & Parent in Mind

Being a parent, we understand what kind of quality we look for our child. Our founding team is directly involved in each and every order and we make sure that end result is awesome and referenceable. Only designs that make Parents and babies do a "Happy Dance" make it into our collection.

We are very Picky

We are Creating Memories for everyone. 60% of our products are individually handcrafted & each of them is handpicked by us. Our products are unique, thoughtful & truly personal - not just personalized. That's why with many of our products, you can customize them the way exactly you've imagined.

Team AULIE - The Ones Who Get Credit For Making It Happen


EKTA (Founder)

When asked for one best thing in the world, Ekta always answers: Memories. That's how we have "creating memories" in our logo. Her artistic mind brimming with inventive ideas is the creative force behind all you see at Aulie. With her mighty brush and the power of colors, she paints, creates & converts our products into beautiful exciting memories for our clients.

AKASH (Co-Founder)

Akash is our Corporate Ambassador and a 'creator of opportunities'; who does a little of everything! He is the brains behind putting the people/resources/technology/financing in place to create a sustainable company. Serving clients never left his heart though, as here through Aulie, the combination of enthusiasm and love made a dream come true!

ASHISH (Technology Ninja)

Ashish is our Digital Overlord. Starting from scratch, he created and delivered exactly what Aulie was supposed to look like. Obsessed with the latest technology and equipped with creative ideas, Ashish's expertise was perfectly molded with the expectations. With his patience and perfection in work, he never fails to raise a smile!

MANISH (Chief Pixelator)

Manish, our own Picasso, has been the force behind the beautiful graphics of Aulie. Despite endless changes and modifications, every design created by our behind the scenes hero, holds our theme message of 'creating memories'. His passion and love for work, made the combination of patterns, alignments & colors in every graphic a true eye-catcher!

VARUN (Creative Critic)

Varun is our constructive critic. His ability to view an aspect from other's eyes and his methods of detailed analysis, makes him a true Socrates. He offers an inspiring combination of extraordinary possibilities and insights to make it work for Aulie. One of the joys of having him in Team is that you never know what he's going to pull out of the bag!

ROHIT (Money Maestro)

Rohit is our financial suit. A Chartered Accountant in making, Rohit has expertise in coming out with solutions for every unforeseen problem. From bookkeeping and cash flow to managing compliances, finances and taxes, he manages it all with high zeal. He is the reason Team Aulie enjoys a little bit of extra peace of mind!