How do I purchase an egift card?
You can purchase an egift card (digital gift card) here. egift cards are emailed to the recipient immediately one you purchased it.

How do I redeem my egift card?
To redeem your egift card, simply "create your account on & shop and during the checkout process, enter your unique gift code and amout to be redeemed in the field under Gift Card Dsicount”.

What if I purchase an item less than the value of my egift card?
You can redeem the remaining balance amount on your next purchase by entering the same code of the same egift card before its expiration.

What if I purchase an item more than the value of my egift card?
In case your order total amount is more than the value of your egift card, you can pay the remaining amount by other payment methods.

Why do I have to put my credit card information in if I have an egift card?
Our system requires credit card information in case your order total is more than the value of your egift card. If you choose to purchase less than the value of your egift card, your credit card will NOT be charged.

Why can’t I use a promotion or discount when purchasing an egift card?
Promotions and discounts cannot be applied to purchases of egift cards. Instead, your gift recipient can use promotions or discounts for which they are eligible when they use the egift card.

Can I return an egift card?
egift cards cannot be returned.

I made an error in the recipient's/my email—what do I do?
Please contact us immediately at or +91 8076523104 and we'll be happy to correct the error and re-send the email (if the earlier egift card code is not used).

My recipient didn’t get the email with the egift card, help!
We recommend first asking the recepients to check their spam folder or promotions tab to see if it was filtered from their inbox. If they’re still unable to find the egift card, please contact us at or +91 8076523104 so we can verify their email address and re-send the gift email.

Can I transfer my credit to someone else?
Unfortunately, Aulie cannot transfer egift cards or credit to other customers.